Download 2050+ Vector Icons - Ready for IOS, Android, Applications and Websites.

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  • The Biggest iOS & Android Line Icon Pack

    2,050+ vector icons in 50 different categories designed by pixel perfect.


  • Smart stroke line control

    You can easily change the stroke size with adobe illustrator using smart stroke control.

    • 1 pixel

    • 4 pixel

    • 1 pixel

    • 1-4 pixel

  • 7 Different sizes

    All icons are based on a grid view of 24px for Android and 30px for iOS.

    • 30 pixel grid

    • 60 pixel grid

    • 90 pixel grid

    • 120 pixel grid

    • 24 pixel grid

    • 48 pixel grid

    • 96 pixel grid

    11 files type

    All formats come with line & fill style.

  • Line and filled-in icons

    2050 line icons & 2050 filled-in icons


  • Optimized for iOS & Android

    Our collection is optimized and ready for iOS and android screens.

    iOS Optimized

    • 30
      pixels 1x
    • 60
      pixels 2x
    • NEW

      pixels 3xiPhone 6+

    Android Optimized

    • 24
    • 48
    • 96

  • Purchase your icons pack

    2,050+ vector icons with one simple license.



    2,050 Icons

    Formats: AI, EPS

    most Popular



    2,050 Icons



    Each pack includes

    • One time payment
    • Pixel Perfect Grids
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Line & Glyph Icons
    • 2,050 Icons with 53 Different Categories
    • Friendly License

  • Icontail – All your Questions answered!

    Why should I buy vector icons at Icontail?

    Buying an icon pack is a very cost-effective way to get your design done. Be they for an app, a website or a software tool, creating all your icons from scratch consumes time and money.

    By using stock icons with Royalty-Free license you solve most of your graphic needs at once, freeing hours you can better invest in other aspects of design. Icontail gives you thousands of professional icons at only $59 and $79 (link), saving you lots of money and putting all the graphics you need to complete your design at your fingertips.

    What kind of line icons can I find in Icontail?

    Our pack has 2050 royalty free icons organized in 53 categories (including vector icons and font icons) covering varied and popular topics like social media, user interfaces, people, business & finance, shopping icons and many more. Whatever icons you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Icontail!

    What’s even better: you won’t be stuck with a line icon pack or limited to use glyph icons only, because in Icontail pack every icon comes in both line and filled-in version! That means you actually get twice as many vector files for the same price, and more importantly you get to choose which graphic style you want for every icon you use!

    Are these icons suitable for mobile apps?

    More than suitable! All icons in Icontail pack are optimized for both iOS and Android, making them ideal to use in designs on any of the two most popular mobile platforms around.

    What size are Icontail’s icons?

    All icons in our pack come in 7 different sizes, shown on a grid view (link). There’s four sizes available for iOS, starting at 30 px. And three size options for Android from 24 px and up.

    What if the icons don’t meet my needs?

    In the very unlikely case that Icontail’s icon pack does not fulfill your design’s graphic needs, we have a 30 day money-back guarantee in place.

    Can I edit Icontail’s icons?

    Of course you can. All our icons come in fully customisable vector format, and they’re set to be compatible with AI’s smart stroke line control function, enabling you to easily change the stroke size.

    How can I use vector icons from Icontail?

    Virtually in any way you want! Icontail’s Friendly License lets you use all the icons in the pack in unlimited commercial and personal projects, online or offline. Includes advertising, web design, applications, software, gaming, logos, print, templates and themes for resale, etc.

    This is a royalty-free license model, where you only pay once and you get perpetual usage rights over the files. No extra payments, and very few limitations. See our Full License Agreement (link) for more information.

    What formats does Icontail offer?

    Our icons pack includes all the main, most popular file formats (link) for vectors and fonts, a total of 11. Vector files include EPS, PNG, SVG and more, while our font icons come in EOT, TFF, WOFF and OTF.

    Keep in mind our Standard Pack at $59 includes AI and EPS vector formats only. To access all 11 file types you need to get our Unlimited Pack, at just $79. (link)

    Unlock your Next Design’s Full Potential with Icontail!

    Icontail is a low cost, comprehensive and extensive solution for all your icon needs. With this massive pack of icons at your fingertips, you’re set to develop any project you want in no-time!

    Need a Windows icon for a desktop app? We have it. Maybe social icons for your new dating app? Included. Some cool function graphics for an upcoming e-commerce shopping site? No problem. And abstract animal icons for a new children’s educative game? That too!

    And let’s not talk about how easy it will be to boost up your sites with simple yet beautiful icons. Add Twitter and other social media icons as buttons for your visitors to follow you, redirect your customers by placing small e-commerce icons on your page, the sky’s the limit.

    Your ideas can be quickly realised and cost-effectively executed when you have so many professional vector icons ready to use.